Cristina Mora Argilés

Cristina Mora Argilés
  • Licensed in Traditional Chinese Medicine (WALES – U.K.)
  • Graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine (ISMET – BARCELONA)
  • Specialization in Acupuncture and Chinese Pharmacopoeia by the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine of SHANGHAI
  • Clinic for 2 years in Chinese hospitals in Shanghai
  • Master in Korean Acupuncture of the five elements Sa-am System (Korean Acupuncture School – BARCELONA)
  • Master in Korean Manpuntura (Korean Acupuncture School – BARCELONA)
  • Acupuncture Balance Method Dr Tan (SI YUAN International)
  • Graduated in Naturopathy (ISMET – BARCELONA)
  • Graduated in Functional Medicine (Regenera – BARCELONA)
  • Graduated in Kinesiology (Heilpraktiker Institud – BARCELONA)
  • Bioresonance Therapist with Mora Machine
  • Therapist in the Method of Release of Corazas © (MLC ©)
  • Reiki Therapist


Specialties:  Gynecology, fertility, anxiety, chronic candidiasis, allergies, intestinal problems, dermatology.

Position: Director of the clinic

Place of visit: Rambla Catalunya 57, 2º 3º


Our goal is to help you solve your health problems and also help you change your lifestyle and food habits to preserve your health for a long time.

Many people come to our clinic, and with them we not only want to help the individual who comes to us, but also to contribute our grain of sand to a society that lives with more awareness and respect towards its body and towards the planet, since we are all united.

The human is a very complex being and needs to be treated from different facets in order to heal: the physical body, its internal biochemistry, the mind, the emotions and the energetic body. It is our duty to restore the total balance of the person who comes to us.

The basis of our treatments is traditional Chinese medicine, which we have supplemented with other natural medicines to better customize the treatments depending on the needs of the individual.

Man is an indivisible body-mind-soul unit and we must work in this unity to maintain health. I have always been fascinated to treat problems from the roots and solve them from the bottom to find balance and happiness.”.

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positions: Director of the clinic