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With our acupuncture fertility program we give support to:

  • Help couples who are having problems becoming pregnant or  have suffered from repeated miscarriages
  • Support women who are through an IVF or AI process (Assisted Reproductive Technologies)
  • Women who want to prepare their bodies for a natural pregnancy
  • Pregnant women who want to have a healthy pregnancy

You can find more information in our other website which is exclusive for Fertility:


Our treatments consist in Acupuncture treatments and other natural medicine therapies as well.

Other techniques that we use in our Fertility Program:  biorresonancia MORA, terapia psicofónicaterapia color (cromoterapia), kinesiologíaMétodo Liberación de Corazas, integración emocional y transformación de creencias.


What do we aim to achieve with our Acupuncture Fertility Program?

For her:

  • Regulate your menstruations and the ovulation
  • Reduce or eliminate pain during menstruation
  • Reduce or eliminate the premenstrual symptoms
  • Increase the quantity and quality of the fertile cervical mucous
  • Increase the quality of the eggs
  • Build a healthy endometrial lining
  • Treat gynecological diseases such as endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, candida, or immune pathologies related to the conception.


For him:

  • Increase the sperm count, motility and morphology


For both:

  • Reduce stress and tension that block conception
  • Increase the energy levels
  • Increase the libido


“Doctors had told me that I could not get pregnant due to my endometriosis. After trying for many years I decided to forget being a mum and then I visited Cristina to help me with strong menstrual pains and the anxiety. I was in constant pain, tired, depressed. After one moth doing weekly sessions with Cristina I was already feeling better, and slowly slowly my lifer began to change. The miracle happened 7 months later: I was pregnant without even trying!  I still cannot believe it. We are deeply grateful to Cristina.”

LAC, Barcelona

We are a center specialized in all kinds of gynecological problems and female and male fertility. We also accompany any problems that may arise during pregnancy and prepare the woman for childbirth.

What therapies do we use for our Acupuncture Fertility Program?

Acupuncture is the most important therapy we use but not the only one. Acupuncture has been proven to increase the blood flow to the reproductive organs and therefore increase pregnancy rates.

There are medical investigations for IVF treatments that prove that the pregnancy rates among the women who had acupuncture treatments through the whole process are 50 % higher than those that haven’t used acupuncture.

Our treatment is a complete holistic program that also includes the following depending on the case:

–          Chinese herbal therapy and local herbal therapy: to nourish the reproductive organs and the quality of the eggs. We extremely recommend these therapy for women over 39 years old.

–          Detox therapy: together with acupuncture we need to detox the body of toxins in order to increase the probabilities of getting pregnant. Clearing toxins of our body means that the energy flows easily and the reproductive system is healthier. We consider if this point is needed only starting with the program.

–          Anxiety and depression relieve: these are common symptoms of couples that have been trying to get pregnant without success. With acupuncture, Bach Flowers and other remedies we can reduce the anxiety and allow to go through the process with a clear and peaceful mind. Anxiety can inhibit conception. This is a key point in our treatments.

–          Nutrition and diet: as we are what we eat, the quality of our eggs and sperm reflect our nutritional habits. We hand you a complete guide on how to eat to improve your fertility during our first meeting. This is together with acupuncture the foundation of the program.

–          Vitamin and mineral supplements

How long is the Program protocol and how many sessions I need?

For her:

From 3 to 6 months is the standard treatment length. We recommend weekly acupuncture sessions at least during the first month. Depending on each case, the acupuncture treatments can be done every 15 days.

The other remedies are revised once a month, after checking the changes in the menstrual cycle.

For him:

Most men are treated once per month with acupuncture and revision of the prescribed remedies.

The maturation of the sperm takes 3 months, so we can support the entire process ensuring the best quality possible.


Consistency is important when working with the reproductive health for both men and women. In general the treatments for women can be longer than those for men.

In my experience it can take up to 6 months of the Acupuncture Fertility Program to get pregnant, but it is wonderful when happens before!

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