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This therapy is ideal for you if you suffer from burning, reflux, constipation, gastric ulcer, food intolerances, bloating, flatulence, irritable bowel syndrome or candidiasis


• A team of digestive therapists is available to eliminate your problem naturally
We are specialists in all types of effective treatment against digestive problems through natural non-invasive treatments.


• We design a customized plan based on your problem
Because each body is unique, we study your specific case to offer you the best therapy for you, so you get improvements from the first session.

• Learn how to regulate your digestive system
We teach you to combat the effects of an unbalanced diet, lack of exercise or the stress that you suffer in the day to day, for a better quality of life.

Acupuntura para problemas ginecológicos


The current habits of life along with an unbalanced diet, stress and lack of physical exercise, are causing that digestive problems of different types are increasing in our society. Nowadays it is considered normal to have constipation, soft stools continuously, flatulence or abdominal pain. Allopathic medicine has few resources or solutions.

But a healthy digestive system is the one that performs the digestions without effort, without post-pandrial drowsiness, without abdominal pains, without flatulences and with regular depositions every day of feces with good form without difficulty of evacuation. Many are the treatments of the digestive system that in Barcelona Acupuncture we tried with success:

  • Constipation
  • Chronic diarrhea and pasty stools
  • Swollen belly
  • Abdominal distension and pain
  • Gases
  • Heartburn and regurgitation
  • Gastric ulcer
  • Heavy and Slow Digestion
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Intestinal candidiasis
  • Food intolerances

Our treatments for the digestive system include acupuncture and moxibustion treatments, personalized dietary guidelines, psychophonic therapy, and herbal supplements or Chinese herbs if we think are necessary.

First, there is an interview to assess each case in an individualized way and if necessary we also apply other techniques depending on the case: auriculotherapy, emotional integration through kinesiology, Coraza Liberation Method, color therapy (cromotherapy), and floral therapy of Flowers of Bach among others.

We are a center specialized in all kinds of digestive problems. Our treatments are very personalized so you can start to notice improvement from the first session.

We have extensive experience in the treatment of CANDIDIASIS or CANDIDA ALBICANS, which is commonly associated with excessive vaginal discharge, but which actually affects our gut both men and women. Candida gives a confusing symptomatology and for that reason it is in many cases difficult to diagnose. It can simply give symptoms like abdominal bloating, craving for sweet things, but it can give many more symptoms like irritable bowel syndrome, tiredness, irritability, insomnia and abdominal pains.


“Thanks to Cristina’s intervention, I balanced my digestive system in a few months and changed my life.

At age 30, I manifested continuous intestinal problems: bloating, chronic constipation and great abdominal pain. For conventional medicine I had been given as a chronic case of digestive distress with multiple diagnoses, including chronic constipation caused by dolicocolon. So for life, I would have problems with my gut! A battle of years and years that seemed to have no end and that in the end, I would have to get accustomed to my best natural state would be a poor chronic condition of multiple symptoms.

But for my rebelliousness not to stay that way for life I started looking for alternatives. I found Cristina’s contact by chance, I called her and I said literally, “I need to work my gut” and that’s how my life changed.

She received me with kindness and professionalism and there began an incredible intervention that, in a few months, allowed a radical turn to my chronic discomfort.

Indeed, through kinesiology I found that my intestine was full of multiple fungi, viruses and anomalies that had taken over the normal functionality of the intestine, that my body had excess heavy metals and lack of certain vitamins that the intestine could not process. So, how normal that such a combination will always win the battle. In addition, she not only checked the physiological and anatomical state, but verified that there was also an emotional history behind that unbalanced it even more.

Thus, the treatment dealt with everything physical, deeper emotional issues, and even spiritual issues.

I completely changed the diet: 0 gluten, 0 sugar, 0 dairy, 0 coffee, 0 yeasts, I took all the phytotherapy and supplements she prescribed in each session plus Bach flowers. Every 15 days I was going to have an acupuncture session, which was daily adjusted to what my gut manifested on that day. In the sessions we also worked the emotional part.

I recognize that the process was intense and hard at times because I took it very seriously, but the release and the life I gained after is now worth the effort. The end result was not only that all the functionalities of my intestine were balanced (no swelling, no constipation, no reflux, no intestinal pain) but I regained my vitality, my energy and my joy.

It was an incredible intervention. To fall into her hands was a before and after in my life and already, forever, Cristina will be one of my referential therapists.

No doubt I always recommend her to everyone. We would all have to go through his hands sometime. It’s pure, professional and magical. “

OLGA CARBÓ, Barcelona

Jordi foto

“Highly recommended !!! I came with problems of chronic acidity related to a low mood. After a time of treatment, I left without acidity and wanting to eat the world !!! with Cristina I learned a lot, and I do not hesitate to recommend it since I know that any problem you have, she will find a way to remedy it and solve it. A hug Cristina! “



“100% recommendable, good value. I attended desperate with a lot of stress and digestive intolerance. After just over a month, not only has my stress been regulated but my intolerance has almost disappeared. Therapists are excellent people who always have the focus on the patient’s need, great and close attention. Thanks to her advice and experience I feel so much better !!! “


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